Life Is Elsewhere: Postcards from the Distant Land

Time-based media artist Jolene Mok would like to trip with her readers by reflecting on her sojourn through some ‘underexposed’ anecdotes, which profile her modest yet rather extraordinary life as an itinerant.

With the fine company of notable intellectuals from near and far, this very trip turns into a grand tour…

‘Those of us who have the opportunity to meet Jolene Mok have probably found ourselves thinking, at some point, where is she now?’ – Edisabel Marrero Tejeda

‘… this uncertainty and nomadism have heightened Jolene’s sensitivity towards the place and the culture where she finds herself, enabling her to make new discoveries in the everyday of these foreign lands through the curious gaze of the étranger.’ – Ip Yuk Yiu

‘Being constantly on the move without a fixed home to return to must be both physically and mentally exhausting. But Mok’s way of life is also an effective way of protecting herself in the complex circumstances of today’s world.’ – Hiroyuki Hattori

Jolene’s practice constitutes a form of mobility that makes all borders appear somewhat ridiculous.’ – Evelyn Char

May us all travel as much as we can; as far as we can; as long as we can.


Book ordering form & link for payment will be out in February 2023, stay tuned!

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