grew up in Hong Kong
holds dual citizenship (Hong Kong & United Kingdom)
don’t base anywhere

down to earth
talk loud & speak fast

a hard worker
yet gentle by nature
intuitive in general

mostly skeptical
sometimes critical
all time experimental

an enthusiastic forager
a self-identified witch
a tarot cards reader

Here is a boring, i mean formal, version:

Jolene Mok was born and raised in Hong Kong. An experimental artist, she takes video, film and photography as her major creative platforms. Mok earned her M.F.A. in Experimental & Documentary Arts at Duke University in 2013. She has been exposed to an interdisciplinary learning and working environment since her undergraduate education in the School of Creative Media through her major in the Critical Inter-Media Laboratory (2003-2007). Mok takes both practical and theoretical components as interconnected aspects throughout her creative process. She is open and always ready to play with and incorporate emerging situations or technologies in her artistic pursuits for the generation of unexpected, meaningful outcomes.

Since 2006, Mok’s works have been shown worldwide. Her other digital creations have traveled to academic conferences in Finland, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Brazil, & U.S. In 2012, she was invited to join a major scientific research expedition aboard as a guest resident artist to explore deep-sea seeps off Barbados. In 2013, she sailed the waters of the intl. territory of Svalbard, an Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees latitude from the north pole. Mok was rewarded the Asian Cultural Council-Jackie Chan Fellow in 2015. In 2022, she holds her first homecoming solo exhibition supported by 1a Space in Hong Kong.

Mok has been on itinerant since 2011 taking part in artist-in-residency programs, she is happy to go to wherever the world welcomes her to go.

jolene mok