v_deo arch_ve
Fall 2011
an online video archive
process as product

This video archive contains all the very raw visual materials I collect for the production of a personal (yet not private) documentary from September 2011 – May 2012.

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About the project:

I regard the experience of studying MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University a momentous point of anchor in my life, so, documentation of such an personal experience is inevitable. Fortuitously, the fact that the 2011 MFAEDA is an inauguration class at Duke, I am taking advantage to make record of such a historical moment from a user’s point of view.

Other than documenting the new environment, people and happenings around me, I attempt to take the process of making such a documentary to answer some “questions” and “struggles” I had in my mind before I came to this point- I left Hong Kong, where was a place I lived my whole life with all my family and friends there; I gave up the identity of being a responsible citizen, who was supposed to earn my own living and contribute (financially, physically and mentally) to the society, but ended up choosing to become a job-less art student spending huge sum of money which might cost the rest of my life to pay off.

Most importantly, I am not the only person who takes such a path. There are 14 others MFA students making a similar choice, knowing, or not knowing, what is going to happen in the coming 2 years and beyond. So, I am trying to make sense of such an “absurd” decision of mine through turning to the 14 of them talking about what exactly is that we are trying to do.