Author: jolene

26 Apr

7 päivää

— “If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. […]
22 Apr

life would be tragic if it weren’t funny

– As if I were your cat.
24 Jul


23 Jul


— original title (in Icelandic): FÓLK. HREYFINGAR. STAÐIR. — How to document or capture the particular ‘tone’ of homegrown inhabitants living in their everyday […]
01 Apr

moon sailors

fig. above shows a screen capture from the piece Shooting took place in Svalbard, Spitsbergen, an Arctic archipelago just 10 […]
10 Jan

You know where to find me

To my Grandpa — Longyearbyen – Hong Kong – Skagaströnd | 21 Dec 2013 —
02 Jan

The History of Fantasy

– :: work-in-progress :: This is a short piece about Freia Hutzschenreuter and her Longyear City. Freia Hutzschenreuter – German by origin – […]
01 Jan

notes on display

– “The country places and the trees are not willing to teach me anything, but the human beings in town are.” Meanwhile, […]
02 Apr

shipboard romance

::Specifications:: Audio: silent Duration: 18min (on loop) Materials: Full HD video, projection on wall Dimensions: 10.5ft tall x 18ft long (throw distance: 27ft depth) — Below […]
08 Feb

I travel the ocean on your behalf

There is the process of traveling, right? When you get to where everybody wants to go, then what do you do? You […]