a real-fake-real series
The 2nd-runner-up in Mobile Asia Competition 2006

“Connected” Exhibition, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea, 2006

2005 & 2006
video series
Experimental | Video Art | Generative Art

#1. walking along along the sea II [1’27]

#2. residual sea [1’48]

#3. tetrisea [1’47]

The core element of this video series is to provide augmented experience through a specific medium. I chose video since I realize that audiences are becoming lazy to analyze and think critically about what they see through moving images. They become insensitive and undermine the possibilities that a video can bring. As I believe that contemporary art is open ended with lots of possibilities, therefore, I decided to develop and expand my previous video work so to make a proof on that.

These three work are different in content but share the similarity of using sea and sea wave as a core element. The experiment I am doing is to make use of the uniqueness of sea and waveform and to add in new treatment in order to create new way of seeing.

Throughout the process, I am always asking myself how can I make audience staying alert with what they are preceiving. I found that destructing the normal and usual order of existing issues would help. When I destruct and re-organize or re-arrange the order of existing issues, audience could no longer expect from what they are unfamiliar with. This drives them to observe and analyze what is showing in front of them. I insert such theory in both of my works, and it is much obvious and effective in residual sea. Since I am applying the method of compare and contrast in the piece, I fake the audience by misleading them to believe what they are seeing is the same video footage but just being cut up and shown in alternate order. I let them discover by themselves, gradually, that the image they have been watching is actually in two different kinds. Finally, I serve both kinds of images together to them to reveal the fact. After all, audience will have the sense of being cheated and they would realize that it is actually due to their dependence and laziness, which lead to the work out of such cheating.

I consider myself carrying out an experiment of destructing and expanding existing materials with positive results. In these three works, I am the one who work out and show my concept to the audience; I am not telling them to only follow strictly on my instruction, but providing them path to access to augmented experience.