A me·di·a·logue 2.0
2011 1st Cut
video [8'35]

This is one of the very first experiments I conducted when I started my MFA study in Experimental & Documentary Arts at Duke University in fall 2011.

Back in early-mid millennium, when was the time I started video making in collage in Hong Kong, HD format was too new to be taught in school while analog film was a dying medium there. So, I shot only in miniDV since 2003.

By the time I started my MFA in fall 2011, miniDV was already phased out while HD cameras has such high popularity in every day life. I was so overwhelmed by, yet excited with, the abundant variety of analog & digital, old & new moving-image-making machines that are available in the hybrid MFA program. So the notion of making an “experimental inter-media video/film” was actually a perfect excuse for me to learn & use all available equipments around me.

My experimentation plan (please refer to attachment a medialogue_plan.jpg) never really worked out smoothly due to all errors induced by unpredictable accidents such as wrong exposure of 16mm film caused to blank film with no images at all; breaking glasses of a vintage optical printer; damaged sprocket holes on 35mm analog film because of incorrect loading on screening machine; low definition digital images due to incorrect set up of the newly purchased pocket size HD camera… etc.

One last note, without all the unintended errors, this film would never exist in its awkwardly beautiful form.

the plan…