XVII Sguardi Altrove Feminist Film Festival Homage to China section, Milan, Italy, 2010

University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2/2010
Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, 11/2009
Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China, 0/2008
Experimenta Art Space, Hong Kong, 2/2009
video [30']
Auto-Ethnography | Experimental Documentary

24 is an auto-ethnography of a 24 year old comparing her life with two friends who have taken different routes from herself. Both friends have experienced marriage, whilst one has also experienced motherhood. Through the Second Spring research Project, Jolene Mok explores the experience of making documentary films and the notion of her being ‘very young’, something envied by many of the interviewees yet something she was not aware of. Through these reflections, she decided to communicate with the two friends who share similar backgrounds, yet are at different points in their lives, in order to understand herself more clearly. Jolene hopes to be able to share her discovery with her classmates from the school of creative media, who now embark on their own journeys, and also to communicate her feelings to her secret lover, something that has previously not been possible due to her fears.